Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Microsoft Sway from Mabore Lekalakala, #MIEExpert15 for SA, entitled ’Khan Academy Math- Learners' Reality’

This is a guest post from Mabore Lekalakale of South Africa’s Microsoft MiE Experts for 2015. Please follow Mabore on Twitter.  Yesterday we posted a post from Mabore entitled 'Khan Academy Maths - Learners Reality' by Microsoft #MIEExpert from South Africa, Mabore Lelakala.  Today we provide a follow up.
In yesterday’s blog post Mabore Lekalakala posted about Khan Academy and how it can provide beneficial help to Maths students.
Mabore created a Microsoft Sway with the title ‘'Khan Academy Math- Learners' Reality’ and we would like to embed her Sway today.

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