Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Doodle4Google South Africa of my Dreams winner announced Doodle4GoogleSA Awards recently announced the winning Doodle in the Doodle4Google South Africa of my dreams contest. The Doodle was created by Katya Ludick, who won a R100,000 technology award for her school, Hoerskool Noordheuwel at the Doodle4GoogleSA Awards in Johannesburg.

Katya’s Doodle was displayed on the page on 3rd December. Her caption for her Doodle was ‘SA Flag is proudly represented in the Google letters. The reflection symbolises 20 years of freedom. In my South African dream there is no more poaching. We must fight for those that cant speak. Conservation is our future.’

The 20 finalist Doodles can be seen at  Look at this lovely, short video that Google created from the 20 finalists’ videos.

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