Monday, 10 November 2014

Nokia Mobile Maths – this is a must for all Grade 10-12 students who are studying Maths

Advantages of the Nokia programmeOne of the great advantages of this program is that learners can set up their own study groups with friends and see how they are doing or compete with each other! The program is also accessible from a PC.  If you are a Grade 20-12 Maths teacher and your students haven't yet signed up - encourage them to do so this week. 

How do you sign up?
Register at It’s free of charge

What will I find on the site?
9000+ quizzes. Exercises are divided into levels of difficulty. When you master a set of quizzes you will move up on a level. There is 10 levels in each sub-topic. There is plenty of theory to help one along and examples to work through.

Register your students today!

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