Thursday, 6 November 2014

Google Educator Groups (GEGs) are springing up around South Africa...

Recently Google launched the Google Educator Group (GEG) program in South Africa with SchoolNetSA as the local education partner. The establishment of GEG groups along with the free GEG workshop training on offer are part of Google’s worldwide strategy to help teachers enhance the use of technology in their teaching. In late July around 25 educators met at a location in Johannesburg for a Train the Trainer weekend run by Wendy Gorton from the USA. As a result of this, GEG workshops are being offered around the country and GEG launches are springing up. As these workshops and launches take place they are recorded in the GEG South Africa community The GEGs highlighted below were launched either as a result of a workshop that took place OR as a launch with a number of founder members by an recognised GEG leader. There are several others that are planning their launches early in the new year.

Recently established GEGs

GEG Emalahleni


This was the first GEG to be established in South Africa and Nomusa Keninda (Senior Education Specialist for Computers in Education, SchoolNetSA Google Trainer) gave this report back. "Emalahleni gave birth to a new exciting, passionate and committed group of teachers who want to turn their classrooms into Google classrooms. The Google Education Group was launched on the 20 September 2014 at DM Motsaosele Secondary School in KwaGuqa ext 10. GEGemalahleni consists of 45 teachers from 15 schools in eMalahleni. They met for the first time in the Google Education Group Workshop where they were trained on Google tools for education.
'We are excited about this programme, it will empower us on web literacy and we will get lots of resources in the internet' says Ms Phindile Skosana from DM Motsaosele School.
'GEG will teach us a lot, technology is great dear. Thanks for our time, I can’t wait for the course in Google' says Fiky Kwanda after creating her Gmail account.
'Thank you Sisi Nomusa for organizing this training workshop, I trust that it will help us in advancing our tech skills' saidwrote Mr Micheal Mushangwe.  Ms. Jabulile Msomi  from Blackhill Primary School also bragged about her school excelling in GEG lesson activities.

The group was fantastic and they are looking forward to other Google Education Group events."

GEG Metro East


GEG Dainfern


Anthony Egbers, the Dainfern GEG leader wrote a great blogpost 'GEG South Africa...and all its brancheson his ICT blog after the launch of the Dainfern group.

GEG East London


GEG Parktown


Imminent GEG launches in Cape Town

There are two definite launches taking place in Cape Town this month and you are invited to attend if you are in the vicinity.

GEG Metro Central
Glenn Jones, a GEG leader, will be launching this GEG at an introductory workshop at Western Province Prep School, on Wednesday 12th of November from 3pm - 5pm. If you would like to attend please sign up at

GEG West Coast
Tiaan Lotter, a GEG leader, will be launching this GEG at an introductory workshop at Parklands College on Monday 24th November from 3pm – 6pm. Keep watching the GEG South Africa community for further details.

GEG worldwide

Google is currently populating a Google map to keep a record of the GEG groups that are springing up world-wide.


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