Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The free Nokia Mobile Maths service (Gr 10-12) is available for smartphone but also works on a PC

If you are a Maths teacher for Grade 10-12 Maths, you probably know about Nokia’s free Momaths service for Grade 10 – 12 students that is available on a smartphone – a device which many students of that age have access to. Today I thought I would investigate whether this service also works on a PC. And it does! here were the steps I followed.

1. Go to the Nokia Momaths website
The website URL is The Nokia application gives two options – one for South Africa and one for global.  Click on the South Africa option.


2. Either register or login
If you are logging in you choose your username and password. However if you are a new user you select ‘Sign up now’
I was interested to read the box at the bottom of the page. It says, ‘Normal data rates apply. However some operators provide this service free-of-charge in South Africa for their customers’ and below that is the MTN logo! Awesome! Thank you MTN!



3.  After signing up create a username and a password
I hadn’t registered before so I chose the ‘Sign up now’ option. 


4. Make your Grade selections
Next you come to a neatly arranged menu showing that you can select a grade, and even join or create a group. There is also a place where you can check the points you gain as you practise. I selected Grade 10.


5. Choose your Maths topic
This opens on a page showing the various topic options. I chose ‘Numbers and Patterns’. 


6. Start practising


7. Read and answer
There are three questions to answer and a good explanation of how to work out the answer. If it gets confusing there is a hint at the bottom of the page.  I see there is also a place to ‘Read theory and examples’. I thought I would click on that.


8. Work through the theory
Well this looks most impressive. Plenty of theory to help one along and examples to work through.


Personally I am impressed that this service should be given to our Grade 10 – 12s for free.  It is set out very neatly and logically and one can just work through it at home alone, or in an informal group with friends. If you are reading this please spread the word at your school. Every Grade 10 – 12 students should be advised that they can benefit from this CAPS-aligned service.


  1. Thank you so much for this blog - as a Maths consultant involved in the authoring and editing of this material, I am very happy to see this excellent service advertised more widely.

    I wish to briefly highlight 2 additional features that I believe are worth being aware of:
    1. users can create groups (e.g. teachers can create a class group). Those in the groups can see how many points others in the group have obtained, and in what topics and sub-topics

    2. The feedback after a user enters an answer is immediate. This not only indicate whether the answer is correct or incorrect, BUT also provides a full worked solution!

    Have fun everyone!

    PS. If any teachers would like to join a MoMaths teachers' group, please email me at

    1. Thanks very much for this great comment Garth. I agree - this service can greatly benefit our Grade 10-12 Maths students

  2. Thanks for a great blog. There is also a feedback feature at the bottom of each question page. If a learner has a query regarding any question, they can write in the feedback block and their query will be attended to.