Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Lesson ideas #4: Use Popplet for a mindmapping task in the classroom

Have you ever considered using Popplet for mindmapping? It is a marvelous tool that is available as a webtool, as well as an Android or iPad app.  

An example of a popplet from the popplet blog
Sadly you are only allowed five free popplets..  I tried out Popplet recently with a Grade 7 class that was learning about medicine in the CAPS curriculum and set them a short 45 minute revision task using this mindmapping tool. The class absolutely loved using it. The beauty of using it was that when the class had finished their popplets they could share them with me online. The task is shown below. We used the webtool found at http://popplet.com/.

Useful links

}An example of a Maths Popplet via Michele Botha from Somerset House: http://popplet.com/app/index.php#/103497 

}Popplet as a webtool http://popplet.com/

}Here is a  PDF giving step by step instructions on how to make a Popplet

}This is a video tutorial on using Popplet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uubtN4ybYE

Why I like using Popplet
  • I love the ease with which one can start thinking visually with Popplet.
  • It has a great ability for one to add one's own text, video and images as one goes along.
  • I love the way one can incorporate links and content from around the web
  • I especially like the collaborative features that make it so easy to work with others and share one's ideas…
Why not try it for yourself!

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