Friday, 13 December 2013

Lesson idea #5: Make a PowerPoint brochure...

For a while now I have been collecting ideas on different ways of using PowerPoint in a classroom.  One that I didn't know about was using PowerPoint as a brochure. It works extremely well. I set about trying it out in a Grade 5 classroom.  The Grade 5s were learning about heritage sites in South Africa and were busy with a project involving a heritage trail. I set a task on creating a PowerPoint brochure illustrating a site they would love to visit. 

I gave them a template idea but they had to change it into what they would like, with their choice of fonts and headings.They really enjoyed doing all of this using PowerPoint. 

Some of the heritage sites in South Africa

The PowerPoint brochure template

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  1. I always enjoy these kinds of activities. I've never made a brochure in Powerpoint though, so that was a first! I've found it's typically helpful to have the students read a general guide on brochure design (e.g., How to make a brochure) as it generally helps the end product be a bit more elegant.

    Have you ever tried something online, like Google Docs or Lucidpress, to allow collaboration too?