Friday, 25 October 2013

Intel supports Vodacom ICT Centres

Submitted by Omashani Naidoo of SchoolNet
Intel continues to support Vodacom Foundation and Department of Basic Education in the ICT centres in the proof of concept districts. Two Intel Getting Started training of trainer workshops were held in the Free State and North West provinces.

Free State - Thaba Nchu

The training took place on 7 – 8 September 2013. SchoolNet’s trainer, Mr Daniel Maedi found the laptops were connected and ready for training. Of the expected 22 educators only 12 educators attended but these were mostly CAT educators at their respective schools hence their computer skills were advanced. The trainer went through all the modules and managed to demonstrate how to use the tip-sheets and help-guide. These participants used the help-guide as directed and they had no problems in navigating the CD. The handbook was also saved in personalized folders.
Trainees looked at the 21st century approach. They did an exercise where they compared the old way of teaching and the modern way of teaching. The activities were also discussed and some were able to finish them at home. The module of computer basics was not important for this group but it was discussed because they are going to be trainers. The collaboration in the 21st century skills was discussed in detail and the module was followed step by step and participants got very involved in an exercise.

The module on Discovering and Exploring MS Word took longer than expected and the emphasis was put on following steps to make educators independent and able to look for answers themselves. The trainer explained that all modules follow the same style. Following the module outline educators were asked to complete this section on their own. The trainer created a folder for the Motheo Training and sent the link to participants. The aim was to check if they are able to access email and use it confidentially. Trainees were successful with this task.

The module on multimedia and spreadsheets were facilitated and progressed very successfully. The trainer further requested them to do two or three more elective tasks on the multimedia module and to prepare one task for showcase. Before the showcase educators got engaged in a pair and share activity and become more critical friends. The pair and share session as well as showcase enabled the master trainer to see the confidence level of the educators and how good they are at expressing themselves. These new trainers will now be able to facilitate this course for other teachers in their clusters.

NorthWest – Ganyesa

Sixteen participants attended this Intel Getting Started training of trainers’ course. Facilitator Saul Pila noted that all 23 computers are functional but that the internet was not working. While participants were cooperative some of them were not active and did not like to interact with other educators. On a second day participants came early but the positive spirit was spoiled by the lack of internet. Participants showcased their work briefly. The teachers were responding to the following questions, “What have you done with Word Processor?; How can you use that in the classroom?; What new skills have you learned?; and what were your challenges and how did you overcome them?”. Most of them came out with flying colours.

On Day 3 the teachers used the Help guide to assist themselves. Trainees were working independently and requested that we go on for another day to complete all the activities. The internet worked on the third day but most of the activities that needed internet were not done.
Both these workshops were hugely successful and is focused on building capacity at the various Vodacom centres as well creating a hub of teacher professional development in local communities where teachers have easy access to gain ICT experience and develop and master skills in the integration of ICT into teaching and learning activities in the classroom.

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