Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Google #25 Create video notes when watching YouTube videos

Video notes is a great new tool that enables you to watch a video online and take notes at the same time. This could work really well with information that you want students to explore. This free application works with a number of applications:


How VideoNotes works

Step 1. Open VideoNotes
For the purpose of this post we will explore how it works with  YouTube in particular. The way it work with YouTube is that you open VideoNotes (http://www.videonot.es/) and synchronize it with Google Drive.


Step 2. Notice the dual screen
You’ll notice that VideoNotes opens up a dual screen. The left side is for the video and the right side is a notepad for taking notes. This sychronizes with Google Drive where the notes will be saved. This would enable you to collaborate on your notes just as you would if you were collaborating on a Google Document.

The video leaves a place marker at each new note, which is a very helpful feature.

A fantastic presentation on VideoNotes from Matt Newland in Hong Kong
Matt is a Google certified teacher who lives in Hong Kong, and he sent the group his presentation saying “Here is the presentation I did on Video Notes at the HK Google Summit. Please feel free use.” This gives a great overview of VideoNotes plus detailed steps for using the application.. The presentation also shows the video that went viral (also on the news) from Duncanville High when a student complained about the old-fashioned way the teacher was teaching. 

VideoNotes in the Classroom Presentation:

Matt includes an example task you could set your students at the end of the presentation.


Classroom Use of VideoNotes
1. The teacher or the students could create very useful tutorials.
2. Students could create the videos as a way of presenting work with notes.
3. Students in groups could divide up a task and each find or create relevant videos with notes to empower the rest of the group.
4. Students could use VideoNotes for research and note-taking purposes
5. Students could view curriculum material, respond to it and share their responses.

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