Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Four resource sites every South African teacher should join

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As the digital age and technology integration with lessons becomes more and more part of our daily lives, teachers look for web resources and new online materials as part of their preparation to help them with their teaching. This is definitely not an easy task for one needs to ‘live’ online in order to be able to keep up with what is available online. So I thought I would mention four very useful resource sites that teachers in South Africa should consider joining.

Microsoft Partners in Learning Network
  1. I’ll mention Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Network first since they are having a competition for joining that closes in June. Apart from that this is an incredible resource for teachers with lesson plans, topics, for discussion, opportunities for you to better your digital understanding, tutorials, and opportunities to network with teachers from around the world etc.. Currently they have four million users world wide.
  2. Secondly Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert programme this year  – entries close on two dates for South African teachers (3 June if you would like to be considered as a finalist in the South African Global Forum and ponsored to the Bloemfontein SchoolNet Conference, and the 31 July if you missed the first date. For this competition one needs to upload a learning activity to the Partners in Learning Network. Find out more at this URL http://www.pil-network.com/Educators/Expert. Join today!   

SchoolNet SA is considered South Africa’s leading innovator in professional development programmes in ICT integration and school ICT leadership. We are the national agency for two multi-national teacher development programmes, Intel* Teach to the Future and Microsoft* Partners in Learning. Please join us. Joining SchoolNet as a member brings unique opportunities to teachers. Currently we have two Conferences on the horizon

This is an international resource site but it is mentioned in this list of four because it is something a South African teacher cannot do without. There are thouands of educators from around the world on Twitter who network, chat, share ideas and resources, collaborate and support each other so why not join them!

Vodacom’s Digital Classroom

The Vodacom Mobile Education Programme is a nationwide teacher development initiative to improve the quality of instruction in all subjects, with particular emphasis on Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy and Physical Science at Grade 10 to 12 level. The project focuses on ICT Literacy, as well as the effective use and integration of digital content in the classroom. Join today.

Wondering how to join these sites?

I have added a Slideshare below showing how to join these four resource sites and  have listed some of the benefits of joining each one.

There are other lovely South African sites that are also full of useful, free resources for teachers and that you don't actually need to join as such. e-classroom comes to mind. Have you seen their lovely free CAPS-aligned downloadable worksheets that can form the written part of a lesson? They are starting to branch out into other languages and I see that many of their worksheets are now translated to Afrikaans. 

Don't delay - join today!


  1. Hi Schoolnet great article on free resources. I really like what you are doing with the blog I think technology is going to really help with education in the future.

    Just to let you know 10ticks has just launched in South Africa and we offer a huge range of maths resources all fully aligned to the new CAPS National Curriculum. We offer free worksheets to teachers that sign up to the website which I thought you might be interested in.

    Many thanks.

  2. Hi great article on online free resource, i really thankful to you for this important information you have posted with the technology.

  3. Hi there, may I also add Tech Teachers to the list? With over 700 CAT and IT teachers countrywide registered, it's a massive resource site with 100's of materials for Computer Applications Technology and IT teachers.