Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Creative writing #6: Have you explored using Little Bird Tales for writing?

Little Bird Tales ( has quickly become a favourite web 2.0 tool of mine for writing in the primary school, mostly because it’s so easy to create a high-quality product and you can draw your own pictures online plus add narration. The web site allows users to create podcasts with images — basically, narrated slideshows — in just three steps:
  1. Users can upload photos to their Bird Tale or they can use an embedded drawing tool to draw images. Older students can add text to their images.
  2. Users then record narration to go with each image if they wish.
  3. Finally, users share their Bird Tales, by sending a URL via e-mail.
The name has a babyish sound but I have fund that this does not deter primary school age children. This video shows how Little Bird got his name:

Watch this demo from Little bird tales
Here is a demo from YouTube showing how easy it is to us.

An instruction video from Little Bird Tales

Example of how a teacher created a story using Little Bird Tales
This comes from Juanit Oosthuizen from Elkanah House Cape Tiwn's lovely Foundation Phase blog 

How Little Bird Tales is accessed
  1. Teachers can easily create a FREE account and begin creating tales. They can have all their students create tales under a single account, but the site also allows teachers to create separate FREE accounts for each student. These accounts are always connected to the teachers’ account, and the website is built to ensure student privacy since so many younger kids use it.
  2. The website asks users to create and use a “school code” so teachers and students from the same school can be grouped together. Teachers can’t access Bird Tales from another class unless it’s been shared with them, but it allows teachers to see who else in their school is using the tool and how often. This is helpful in terms of finding on-site teachers who can offer support.License
Try Little Bird Tales today and see what you think. 

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