Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Why not try using Tall Tweets for tweets longer than 140 characters?


Let’s be honest – there are many times one wishes one had more characters than the allocated 140 to compose a specific tweet. Well, have you heard of Tall Tweets? This is a phenomenal site! Tall Tweets ( is a Twitter app that will help you write tweets that are longer than 140 characters. It can also also publisher longer tweets as images. This exciting app was developed by Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspirations


How does it work?
There are two things that Tall Tweets allows you to do in order to post longer tweets: 

a) Say you have quite a bit to say – much longer than 140 characters. Well, the tool will slice and publish your "long tweet" into smaller chunks of 140 characters or less. It then publishes them all to Twitter in a sequence. The tweets are numbered and are sent in a reverse arrangement such that they can be read from top-to-down inside any Twitter client. Sounds complicated, I know, but the main thing is that your Twitter followers can read your entire tweet as one tweet!

b) The site will allow you to publish the entire messages as an image. In this instance the entire text gets published in a single tweet and your twitter followers can once again read the whole tweet.

To summarise:


How do you get started?
To get started on composing a long tweet, sign-in to with your Twitter account, compose a tweet, decide if you want to send the long tweet as an image or text and and hit publish.

If there are hyperlinks in your tweet, they’ll be automatically shortened using

Watch this video demonstration from Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration who created the site. 

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  1. TallTweets is older. There are other web apps that are better than it, forexample tweetbeeg and twitlonger. Also tweetbeeg lets you upload up to 10 images...TallTweets is older right now and insecure.