Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Calling SA teachers – join SchoolNet at the Intel Teach One Day Conference 13 April in Pietermaritzburg

SchoolNet proudly presents a One Day Intel Teach Conference on Saturday April 13th at Maritzburg College,  Pietermaritzburg. If you would like to download and print this brochure, please click on the following attachment link. 
Intel Teach One Day Conference in Pietermaritzburg 13 April 2013


Note: You might be asking if this is the main SchoolNet Conference this year? No, we will be informing you about our 3-day conference in the first week of July in Bloemfontein in due course as indicated at the bottom of the brochure.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Unicef’s FREE World Education Games are about to start 5-7 March…hurry…hurry!


Something very exciting is about to take place in education nxt week – Unicef’s World Education Games, all free! Want to know more?  Let’s go over to the official website to investigate further. If you look around on the website you’ll see there are lovely resources to download.  The website also tells us about the programme and the games, and asks us to register.


World Maths Day: 5th March
World Literacy Day: 6th March
World Science day: 7th March

Wow, this looks so inviting. Students are invited to compete against other students around the world in the World Education Games, which includes a Maths challenge as well as a Science and Literacy challenge. Children aged four to 18 are invited to participate, all for free. Why don’t you think about registering. This looks like fun and a good challenge for a class.

Each country selects “ambassadors” from the year before and our South African ambassadors this year are Amy Coningsby, a Grade 6 learner from Brescia House, and an 8-year-old named Zeyn Mahomed from St Johns. These two ambassadors were among the top performers in last year’s South African Maths Challenge. They are extremely enthusiastic about their role in the 2013 World Education Games and learners can keep up to date with their activities via the navigation section e on the website entitled ‘Ambassadors’..

Amy from Brescia House

Zen from St Johns

Press releases
If you would like to have more information about the games it would be good to download and read these three press releases

01- Pre-Release - World Education Games 2013.doc
04 - Ambassador Zeyn Mahomed.doc
05 - Ambassador Amy Coningsby.doc

Register soon
So hurry, hurry, hurry and register!  Time is short – this all takes place NEXT WEEK!

Monday, 25 February 2013

22000 visitors! 119,000 pageviews! Yay!

Myspace Text -

UtellStory looks like an amazing digital storytelling application

Submitted by Fiona Beal
I am always on the lookout for interesting ways to get our students reading, writing, or creating in one way or another. Today I came across UtellStory and I must say I really want to try out this application. I have embedded their example of what a Utellstory can look like from the opening page of their website ( below.  

How to create a story
UtellStory has a 'how to' video on You Tube which explains how to go about creating a story. I like the fact that the final product can be shared and/or can be embedded on a blog. Here is he video.

Is UtellStory free?That is always the compelling question! Fortunately the website informs us that they have free and paid options as shown below

So, why not join me and give UtellStory a try?

More inspiration: ‘Here’s to the crazy ones–think different’

Submitted by Fiona Beal
I always enjoy these videos that have an inspirational message. This one is said to be narrated by Steve Jobs and it features Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King, Jr., Richard Branson, John Lennon (with Yoko Ono), Buckminster Fuller, Thomas Edison, Muhammad Ali, Ted Turner, Maria Callas, Mahatma Gandhi, Amelia Earhart, Alfred Hitchcock, Martha Graham, Jim Henson (with Kermit the Frog), Frank Lloyd Wright and Pablo Picasso. The young girl at the end is Shaan Sahota

The message - don't be afraid to think differently

Friday, 22 February 2013

Join the PIL Network – and enter their amazing competition…


What is the Partners in Learning Network?

Details of the Partners in Learning Network competition

There’s another super competition up for grabs for educators this time from Microsoft. This involves simply joining the Partners in Learning Network, inviting your friends and by so doing being in a draw for a new Windows Surface. Here are the details of the competition:

“Dear Innovative Educators
We are thrilled to offer you an opportunity to win a “Surface” for your school! “Surface” is a new and highly innovative Microsoft tablet device powered by Windows 8! It already made headlines around the world.

How do you win?

All you need to do is refer Educators to the Partners in Learning Network. The Educator with the highest Referrals wins a Surface!

When does the competition start?

The competition starts NOW until May 15, 2013 at midnight (Pacific Time Zone).

When is the winner announced?

The Winner will be announced via email on May 17, 2013.

How does the competition work?

It is easy!
All you need to do is:
• Go to your profile on the Partners in Learning Network
• Click on the link "Invite others to join"
• Send the invitation to all your colleagues
• Make sure your colleagues click on the Orange “Join Me” link in the email invite for you to get the credit

We'll keep track of how many joined from your referrals and let the best educator win!
Happy Referral
The Educator Team”

So, why don’t you respond and visit the Partners in Learning Network? You’ll be AMAZED at all the free and interesting resources you find there – a prime example of ‘teachers teaching teachers!’

Thursday, 21 February 2013

What seems obvious to you may be AMAZING to others! Keep sharing…

We live in the social networking age, the age of sharing information generously with others. But how often does it happen that we want to share something but we think it is too ordinary – that everyone knows about it. Everybody’s idea seems obvious to them. But maybe what’s obvious to you is amazing to others!

The thoughts expressed in this video by David Sivers are so inspirational that I thought it would be good to embed the whole video here.

Happy sharing! Just do it!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A SchoolNet free online course to be run during March 2013. Why not participate?

SchoolNet started its short free online courses for SchoolNet premium membership at the end of 2011 and since that time we have held at least seven such courses. In 2013 we have quite an array lined up for you and we are making a start with a repeat course which will be run in March. Take a look. Why not consider signing up? 

Google for Professional Development short course
This is a free online  three week course (a repeat course from 2012) and will be held from 4th March - 22nd March 2013

Prepared and administered by Fiona Beal from SchoolNet
In October 2012, I had the amazing experience of being selected to attend the Google Teacher Academy in New York - an experience, I think,  every teacher should aim for! I came back feeling VERY excited about the potential of Google applications in our classrooms.

We ran this course at the end of 2012 and thought it would be great to start off our 2013  year running a repeat course. We have called it USE GOOGLE FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.  This will be a three week course for SchoolNet Premium Members offered during March centring on three aspects of Google that could be useful to you in your professional development and with your colleagues.   

The suggested outline is:
WEEK 1 (4th March): Get familiar with Google Chrome's AMAZING offerings
WEEK 2 (11th March): Get to know Google+
(18th March): Get the hang of Google hangouts

The reason we are calling this a Google For Professional Development course is because Google+ is restricted to age 13 years and older, and Google hangouts are restricted to 18 years and older.  Both these products however have  great potential for connecting you to your colleagues.   

This course is supported by optional 'how to' webinars and offers a Certificate of Completion from SchoolNet if certain requirements are met. Please fill in the form below if you would like to join us. You will then be sent an email directing you to the course platform. Your introductions from the sign-up form will be added to the course platform so that we can interact and get to know each other. This course will be fairly interactive in Weeks 2 and 3 as we will be joining a Google + circle and participating in a Google hangout.  

Sign up for the Google for Professional Development course here:

SchoolNet’s 2013 free webinar season is about to begin in March


SchoolNet started incorporating weekly webinars into its programme in 2012 and now its time for the 2013 season to begin. We are making a start with a series of interesting Microsoft webinars. Unfortunately we cannot give the actual webinar URLs yet as we are waiting to be sent our Lync license so that we can use for these webinars. Consequently we won’t paste the dates in yet either suffice to say they will most likely take place on a Wednesday evening from 6:00 – 6:30pm starting in March.  Take a look at the topics and as soon as everything is finalised we will post the actual progamme with all the essential information on our webinars blog Other SchoolNet webinars will take place on a Tuesday evening from 6:00-6:30 and these will link to the free online courses that are being offered. 

Partners in Learning Network 1
Microsoft’s Partners in Learning network is a great resource for every teacher. This webinar will show how to navigate the Partners in Learning Network – getting connected and finding material that will work for you

Partners in Learning Network 2
This webinar concentrates on how to contribute to the Partners in Learning Network – tagging resources, setting up a discussion forum, joining communities etc.

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks 1
PowerPoint has an amazing array of uses. This webinar will introduce some of the uses you may or may not know about.

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks 2
This webinar shows you some of the uses of PowerPoint that you probably didn’t know about.

Educational Gaming 1
This webinar introduces you to gaming as a tool to engage and motivate learners

Educational Gaming 2
Gaming for beginners – Mouse Mischief, Kodu, Interactive pictures

Educational Gaming 3
In this webinar you will hear about amazing gaming projects created by teachers.

Keep watching our webinars blog for more specific details about these webinars every Wednesday evening from 6pm – 6:30pm

Saturday, 16 February 2013

TeachMeet season has started in South Africa

In the past year, worldwide, a different kind of professional development movement has started and become very widespread. This type of professional development is called an EdCamp (mostly found in the US) or a TeachMeet, a UK term. In South Africa we have adopted the UK term and have been pleased to see the growth of TeachMeets. These are generally a type of collaborative conferences lasting but a few hours, better known as an 'unconferences' since the attendees are the presenters and the focus is on the needs and wants of those attending.  I like the way one TeachMeet advertised itself - "connecting educators to their most valuable resource - each other!"

Our TeachMeet season has started. SchoolNet started a wiki in 2011 called Teachmeet-South Africa, to keep a record of TeachMeets around South Africa. Please feel free to advertise any informal conferences and unconferences on this wiki. The wiki also explains how TeachMeets work. All you have to do to advertise your event is join the wiki, press edit and then write up the date of your TeachMeet. 

TeachMeet in Somerset West
This took place last week and was a most enjoyable event. To find out more about it read the post TeachMeet at Somerset House on Weds 13th Feb–an inspiring evening

TeachMeet in East London
Two schools in East London are taking turns in holding the TeachMeet. Last year Stirling Primary was the host and now it is Clarendon Primary's turn on Tuesday 13 March from 3-5pm. Read more about this event on the TeachMeet South Africa wiki and please do consider participating if you live in the area. 

Brescia House, Johannesburg  'How do I do IT in my class' day
Brescia House in Johannesburg is holding an 'How do you do IT in your class?' day 16 March 2013. This sounds as though it could be a great occasion where lots of ideas will be shared. 

What's your view? Do you think a TeachMeet is a viable form of Professional Development.

Display your curated Scoop.its as attractive widgets on your blog or website

The Internet is getting so full of information these days that it is not surprising to see how many curating tools are emerging for teachers to use. is definitely one of my favourite curating tools. (Unfortunately with you are only allowed five free Scoop.its.) But how do you display a Scoop,it in an attractive manner on a blog or webiste? Today when I was surfing the web I noticed that some bloggers had lovely widgets embedded at the side of their blog which gave a slideshow on the various posts curated. This really appealed to me so I set about discovering how to do this. Unfortunately the side column of our SchoolNet blog is too narrow for showing this widget successfully so I created a page instead.

In this post I thought I would tell you how I created these widgets and then show the finished product. .

How to create the widget

Step 1:
Log in to your and click on Manage and then on Export


Step 2:
You will be taken to the Export page which hosts the widget for a blog or website. On this page you will make some decisions about your widget and fil in your requirements. Right at the bottom, under the displayed widget slideshow, is a place to ‘Finish and grab the code’.


Step 3: 
Click on ‘Finish and grab the code’ and copy the HTML. Place the HTML on the appropriate page of your website or blog. 


Our five widgets

Here are our five presented as embedded widgets

To see these widgets on the actual page where I display them on the blog go to

Friday, 15 February 2013

TeachMeet at Somerset House on Weds 13th Feb–an inspiring evening


Submitted by Fiona Beal
After attending the TeachMeet at Somerset House Preparatory school in Somerset West last night, I left with a feeling of great hope for education in South Africa. The teachers who presented were so enthusiastic about what they do, and the ideas shared about how to make education inspiring and relevant made me wish I was back in the classroom!

Somerset Prep – a primary school that embraces BYOD
Somerset House Prep is a very go-ahead primary school nestled in the heart of the Helderberg Basin mountains. I always love to hear about the latest developments at the school. Their whole campus has been wi-fied and it is not uncommon to see parents sitting on the grass working on their computer devices as they wait to collect their children from school. The school embraces the BYOD policy of 'Bring your own device' from Grade 6 upwards, and the principal Chris Storey reports that the engagement of the students is incredible. This is a fine example of “teaching children the way children learn best”. The school works hand in glove with the parents in every change they make. One of the great advantages of BYOD, says Chris Storey, is that one has to be task-orientated as opposed to application-orientated since every device is so different. The students also have the knack of knowing what works better on the different devices and they share this knowledge with one another. Best is, the teachers benefit enormously from the students’ knowledge of technology. This year they are piloting project-based learning in Social Sciences in one of the grades and this has been hugely successful. This school has big ideas and plans. Next on the cards is changing the traditional library to a 'knowledge centre’' and building has already started for this project. They have also started a teacher exchange programme with another very progressive school in Cape Town, Elkanah House, where two teachers from the one school will spend a day with their corresponding teachers at the other school and vice versa sharing ideas all the while. Amazing idea! No wonder I strongly feel that this is a school to watch closely!

The TeachMeet
The evening started off with a a light supper so that teachers could meet each other and network. The TeachMeet itself was led by the enthusiastic Michele Botha, Head of the Intermediate Phase and Chris Storey, the principal, welcomed everyone. I thought I would show the opening video here as it really set the tone for the evening. It is called ‘What is 21st Century Education?’

There were 10 presentations, and we first had the Windows machines' presentations followed by Apple machines' presentations. Since they only used one data projector Michele gave us a programme for the evening.


Pam Roberts, who teaches Grade 1 at Somerset House, gave an inspiring presentation on how she uses in her Grade 1 classroom.  She demonstrated this by showing a lovely e-book that her Grade 1 class had created. Each student contributed an illustrated page of writing. Pam also showed how you can make lovely 2nd language books on various topics with Youblisher, and ways of using Youblisher to encourage reading in a Grade 1 class.


Jenny Martin, who teaches Grade 7 at Somerset House, showed her use of an application called Edcanvas which is perfect for a flipped classroom environment. This was a very fascinating presentation and I definitely want to try out this tool very soon. Jenny has started a blog called on which she displays all her amazing edcanvas lessons. I do hope she won’t mind if I give the link here

I loved the way Jenny summed up the benefits of using


 3. Teenpower
Michele Botha who is the Head of the Intermediate Phase at Somerset West and also their Technology Integration specialist, gave her presentation on Teen Power using Prezi. There were six steps in this superb project. This investigated the likes and dislikes of teens and used survey tools of choice (i.e. Survey monkey, Poll Daddy) plus data interpretation techniques using Excel. The groups had a lot of leeway in their choice of tools to use. It was fascinating to note how a teacher can make concepts that have the potential to be considered boring really come alive when using the right approach. 

4. Inspire your students to write the right stuff
This was a presentation by Fiona Beal of SchoolNet (that’s me!) on creative writing tools. I used this presentation to lead up to introducing the upcoming ‘African Storybook Project’ (which will soon be piloted in four countries in Africa) and the writing opportunity it presents for our learners.


I have put my presentation on the SchoolNet blog for anyone who would like the links that I used: 
Inspire your students to write the right stuff – a TeachMeet presentation

5. One stop shopping!
This was another lovely presentation by Michele Botha on all the amazing tools one can find in This is the place where the Random Name Picker can be found that is often used at TeachMeets (sometimes referred to as the ‘Fruit Machine’). Michele outlined some of the useful tools and showed how one could use them in a classroom setting. She showed The random Name Picker, Fakebook, Countdown Timer, QR codes Game Generator, Timelines, and some of the others with their potential for being used in the classroom.  


Now the Apple presentations started, mainly iPad presentations, and unfortunately there are no presentations for these in the Dropbox folder as they were all hands on I can't show the opening slides.

6. You can play games at school!
7. You don’t even know you are learning

8. Making friends all over the world
These three were all presented by Dianne de Villiers who is the librarian at Somerset College ( another school in Somerset West). She spoke on gaming and told us how she uses critical thinking apps which are presented as 'games' as rewards for work completed. These are exceptionally motivating, Di says, and the students love them. Di demonstrated some of these apps and I must add that they were very indeed captivating.

8. Foundation Phase kids have fun in the library
9. Foundation Phase and Story Apps

These two presentations were by Kerry Dunkley from Somerset College. She showed us some of the ideas she used in her stop animation club. The club made the most gorgeous stop animation videos using iMotionHD. These videos were accompanied by lively, enjoyable music. Kerry's second presentation demonstrated iBooks, e-books and story apps on the iPad. What is great about these books is that they can include text, images, videos and some form of interaction with the reader which makes them really engaging. She also showed some of the story apps she uses for reading on the iPad and how appealing they are to the students.

Kerry demonstrated a lovely Cinderella story that has interactive features. I m not sure if this is the one – but it was captivating!


10. Zanzibar – Hakuna Matata
Carolyn Bruton gave a demonstration of how Book Creator on the iPad can be used to give a scrapbook-like effect when recording a holiday or an event. She used her recent holiday to Zanzibar as an example where she used video, sound, pictures, and  words to easily create a wonderful memory of a holiday. This could be made into a fun task for students in their holidays.  


Tweet archive
Here is a summary of the tweets for the night archived in an application called Storify: You can read the tweet summary at: Tweet summary of the TeachMeet at Somerset House on 13 Feb 2013

This was a really wonderful and inspiring evening. I must say a big thank you to Michele Botha and the Somerset House staff for hosting this TeachMeet. I believe the next one is going to be hosted at Somerset College which is also in Somerset West – so we look forward to that!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Inspire your students to write the right stuff - a TeachMeet presentation

Submitted by Fiona Beal
Today I am attending a TeachMeet in Somerset West at Somerset House Primary School. I thought I would talk on creative writing sites and end off by telling the attendees or should I say 'Keen Beans' and 'Enthusiastic Lurkers' about the upcoming African Storybook Project and the writing opportunity it presents for our learners. 

I decided to place my presentation on my blog just in case anything goes wrong - at least it will be safe and sound on the Internet!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Have you noticed SchoolNet SA’s new logo?


Schoolnet is thrilled with its new logo which you will soon see displayed on all our offerings. The design of our new logo conveys a strong message about SchoolNet SA and the future:
  • Progressive: this is shown by the simple, modern design and the appealing font.
  • Diverse: in terms of what we offer and our target audience, shown by the range of colours
  • Focused on “School” because we aim to improve education in South Africa yet also placing an emphasis on “Net” because developing professional communities of teachers is and always has been a key objective and the vision of SchoolNet.
  • The silhouette of a child using a tablet highlights our belief that “If children do not learn the way we teach then we must teach the way they learn”. Our focus is not on technology – but rather on how it can empower teachers and learners through ICT integration.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Teachers, ever wondered what takes place at Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Global Forum?


Submitted by Fiona Beal with excerpts from the amazing blog Bulldog Readers belonging to Julie Hembree of Seattle, a Global Forum finalist from the US. 
Teachers, it is time to start preparing to enter Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Forum for 2013, best known as the Microsoft Innovative Educator competition. This competition takes place in 119 countries around the globe and culminates in the Global Forum where the world winners are revealed… being a winner in this forum will change your life forever!

To spur you on let me tell you something about last year’s Global Forum where the winners from the various regional events around the world gathered in Prague, Czech Republic from November 28 - December 1, 2012. The theme of the Global Forum was “Your ideas matter”. 500 of the most innovative teachers, school leaders, education leaders, and government officials from 75 countries gathered together for this event and up for grabs were 18 Global Innovative Educator Awards. It must have been a very exciting place to be right then!

Did South Africa have a representative?
Yes! We were PROUDLY represented by Charli Wiggil from Durban with his fantastic project Pay It Forward for the Blind. This was a project that had students make Braille Memory cards and educational games, plus record MP3 storybooks and original stories for the blind. They are now used all over South Africa for blind children in their classes. Charlie encouraged as many people as he could to use their 67 Mandela minutes to record these stories for the blind in South Africa, but he also inspired teachers in at least 10 other countries to collect stories on his behalf. You can find out more about this on Charlie’s wiki

In the photo on the right below Charlie can be seen with Lucille Mahlatsi from Lesotho when they were both regional winners at the Morocco Forum earlier in the year. Lucille represented Lesotho – a country that has always done very well in the Microsoft Forums.

Charli Wiggil in Prague
Charli and Lucille - winners in Morocco
I should add the link to Charli’s class’s YouTube video about their project at this point. Unfortunately embedding has been disabled or I would have added the whole video here. To see what a project looks like when it features on Microsoft’s amazing PIL network for teachers (which I will talk about at the end of this post), take a look at Charli’s project here.

What actually happens at a Global Forum?
“In the afternoon it was time to set up the teacher booths. Each project had a booth to use for showcasing their work. We hung posters and decorated our spaces so people who walked by could get a quick idea of each project. Our booths were arranged in alphabetical order by country. When you look at the top, you can see the name of the project and then the country of origin.” Julie Hembree. (I am fortunate to find a wonderful reflection from my blogging teacher friend Julie Hembree from Seattle who was a US finalist at the forum so I’ll be drawing extensively on that.) Here is a picture of Julie next to her project ‘Kid Lit movies – Book trailers for young readers.

Julie Hembree with her Kid Lit Movies project

Here is some more about Julie’s Kid Lit Movies project on YouTube

“We had a welcome reception that evening. Each country wore something to indicate their team. It was a lot like going to the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Some people had team jackets, others had hats, or scarves. We all had our special name tags that we had to wear everywhere we went.(Julie)

“Thursday was our first day of competition. Each project was given three judging times over the course of two days. A judge would come to your booth for 15 minutes and ask you in depth questions about your project. I had two judging times on Thursday and then another on Friday. It was a very busy time. When we weren’t being judged, most of us tried to go visit other booths to connect with other teachers and hear about different ideas.” (Julie)

A few Literacy projects to note
“In Let’s Go to the Movies students in Colombia used Moviemaker to record movies they had written, acted in  and created about life in Colombia.

Let's Go To The Movies

“What’s Up Egypt? by Mr. LaVogue in Florida had his students combine a news television show with rap music. They created a video show in moviemaker showcasing what they had learned about life in ancient Egypt in the lyrics of the music.

What's Up Egypt?

“Fun, Education, Stop Motion Animation was a project from Macedonia. They made stop motion animated movies for primary aged children about all kinds of subjects, using MovieMaker.

Fun, Education, Stop Motion

“Creating Fairytale Radioplays was a project where teams of students drew scenes from a fairy tale, imported them into Movie maker, added narration and subtitles, plus background music and sound effects. The students wrote their own music and recorded it for the movie. Dr. Froehlich had headsets available so you could watch and listen to the radioplay.” (Julie)


In Flip the Flipped classroom Bram Faens from Belgium’s students solved maths and language problems by creating stop animation videos.

Flip the Flipped Classroom

Winners at the Global Forum
“The highlight of the last day of the Global Forum was a reception in Rothmayer Hall, followed by a gala dinner and awards ceremony in the Spanish Hall at the Prague Castle…Each country sat together at huge rounds tables underneath the most magnificent chandeliers and stucco decorations I have ever scene. All of us were in awe of the surroundings.”


“Before long, it was time for the awards ceremony. I have never been to the Olympics, but I think this event closely matched what it must be like at the awards ceremony. As teachers from different nations proudly wore their flags and came to the front for their awards, the rest of the room clapped and screamed in support.


“It didn’t matter where we were from -where were all part of the “teacher family”. Twenty-one teachers went home with an award recognizing their innovative use of technology in the classroom.” (Julie Hembree)

21 winners in total

I love Julie’s conclusion – it truly sums up what happens to a teacher who participates in this Partners in Learning competition and attends the Global Forum, “How I teach and why I teach will be forever changed by what I learned from the other teachers at the forum.”

Take a quick look at the final Ceremony in Prague (1’48”)

Make a start by joining the Partners in Learning Network
Where should you start? Definitely the first place is to start is by joining the PIL network (as we refer to it)! Microsoft's Partners-in-Learning wing has an incredible network that is free to teachers and schools to join - the Partners in Learning Network. Among a multitude of other very useful resources for teachers there are thousands of projects, including all of the projects from the Global, US and other country/regional forums there for you to see should you want to see what teachers are up to in different parts of the world. You’ll notice that I have hyperlinked the projects mentioned in this post to their PIL network descriptions. 

Take a risk this year…and enter the competition!
If you want to get involved from South Africa this year and are looking for support and information please contact Megan (at) Want to change your life forever? To make change involves taking risks – why not take that risk this year and enter a project!

Further reading on the global event at Prague
Cheryl Arnott The time is now in The Huffington Post
Alice Leung: The iPony, an analogy in leading others to adopting innovative practices
Pauline Roberts Unpcking Prague
Bram Faens: Partners in Learning Forum you moved me