Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Webinar recording: Get to know Google+ (20/11/2012)

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like are all social networks. They’re designed to let you share up-to-the second updates, ideas, thoughts, links and media with your friends and the public. There are a few features which makes Google different from these other networks.
  • Google has integrated Google+ with its other services (and continues to do so) e.g.Search, YouTube, Gmail and more.  Google+ is already built into services you use every day.
  • Google+ uses the concept of circles (groups), and this differentiates it from Facebook for example as it allows users precise control over who sees what. 
Webinar presentation
This is a Slideshare of the webinar presentation on Google + from last night.  The webinar covered:
What is Google +•Highlights of interesting features
•How to write a post
•How to receive a notification
Benefits to education 

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