Friday, 16 November 2012

30 Days of Google #5: The AMAZING Google Chrome (webinar presentation)

Submitted by Fiona Beal
My experience of Google Chrome is that it is one of the fastest internet browsers available today. It also offers some great features, including synchronization across computers, multiple browsers, autofill, application and extensions for every browsing situation. The webinar last night mentioned some of these features. 
Thank you very much to all who attended the SchoolNet webinar last night entitled 'The AMAZING Google Chrome'. I hope you were inspired to try more of what this browser offers.

The presentation on SlideShare

If you would like access to the presentation used in the webinar it can be downloaded from Slideshare as a PDF. Here is the link:

The AMAZING Google Chrome from Fiona Beal


If you missed the webinar (18 minutes) and would like to list to what was said, here is the recording link:

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