Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ten traits of the teacher I would like to be...

This is a guest post from Sean Hampton-Cole who teaches Geography to senior students at Crawford College in Lonehill, Johannesburg.  When I read this post on his blog http://ideasoutthere.posterous.com I really liked his thoughts and asked him if I could use it on our SchoolNet blog as a guest post. I have never met Sean, but it must be great being a student in his classes.
I would consider myself a good teacher if I were able to get even most of these right…
☺ Sets up an atmosphere of trust, openness, supportiveness and collaboration where ideas and opinions can be exchanged without fear of failure or ridicule.
☺ Leads by example by being passionate about the learning experience.
☺ Inspires and nurtures innovation, creativity, critical thinking and individual expression.
☺ Possesses a general knowledge of other fields of study and incorporates this knowledge into lessons, encouraging connections between different fields of knowledge.
☺ Has an original and unique style of teaching (follows a spontaneous, intuitive and original methodology).
☺ Encourages students to learn experientially by exploring, manipulating, researching, questioning, finding connections, experimenting, thinking, and reflecting.
☺ Knows the importance of fun, humour, personal stories, relaxed / informal / open-ended instruction and games in the classroom.
☺ Makes good use of learner-centred activities in order to get them interested, thinking and innovating.
☺ Treats students with respect, integrity and care.
☺ Allows students to fail safely.

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  1. I am Nokulunga Sithabile Ndlovu. I am a senior tutor at Wits School of Education. I have been teaching Zulu First Additional Language in the Languages Division, but this year I am with the Division of Educational Technology, teaching an online course and facilitating an online course for ICT in Education for Policy Implementers (education officials at national, provincial and district level, principals, lecturers in colleges and universities and teachers in schools).

    The online course I teach uses a blended approach and the one for the policy implementers is online + a 1 week residential workshop.

    I am interested in creating a Wiki because I believe my students in both courses would benefit from exposure to more learning environments in addition to the learning management System they are using.

    I haven't decided which wiki I will use.
    (Nokulunga Sithabile Ndlovu)