Saturday, 25 February 2012

Experimenting with forms - especially Google forms

I just love all the different features of Slideshare. Last week I explored adding YouTube videos to Slideshare. Today was my day with experimenting with the Slideshare playlist widget.  I got the idea from First of all I created my three PowerPoints about creating online forms. I uploaded those to Slideshare:
1) Google forms – so easy to create
This form is definitely my favourite. I can’t believe that Google can give us so many superb programmes FREE. What I especially like about Google forms is that they automatically create their own collection site for you to review the results.
2) Create an Email Me form

3) Have you tried Survey Monkey for creating surveys?

The next step was to upload these to Slideshare. Once that was done I had to make each one a ‘favourite’ by clicking on the presentation to view it and then clicking on ‘Favourites’.Now it was time to experiment with the playlist widget. This took me to a page where I could arrange it all.


The only problem is that if I try to make this playlist Slideshare less wide so that it fits in to the blog using Firefox or Internet Explorer as a browser, it doesn't work! So I have omitted putting it here apart from the screenshot.

This idea of a playlist originated from looking at Judi Barrett's playlist where she created a whole series of lessons this way:

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