Sunday, 9 October 2011

Screencasting with Screenr is so easy

Today I thought I would experiment with Screenr as a screencasting tool to illustrate some aspects that I want to highlight in a talk I am presenting tomorrow. I normally use Jing, and I will write about Jing at some stage as well.

Well first of all I went along to the Screenr website and joined.


There was a video giving instructions right there and so I watched it.  In fact click on the picture below and you will be taken to the instruction video

See how easy it looks. For my talk tomorrow I was to show things as though I am on the Internet because it takes forever to actually click on a link. So after recording my snippet using Screenr I looked at it and it was fine. I then published it and downloaded it as an MP4 movie as I actually want to embed it in my PowerPoint as a movie. I worked! Success!

Don’t believe me? Well, it embeds on a blog as well. Here I am showing Storybird without actually going on to the Internet.

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