Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Would you like to get involved in an international peace project?

Submitted by Fiona Beal
Last year I participated in a few international projects initiated by Garrett Ferguson, a Grade 4 teacher from Franconia School in the USA, and the class and I made a whole host of new friends around the world. Garrett is now looking for teachers and classes who would like to join in a new project. Here is an excerpt from his email just received.

Dear Classrooms Around the Globe,

This year my fourth grade classroom at Lafayette Regional School in Franconia, NH would like to have a big celebration for International Peace Day on Sept 21, 2011. In honor of this day, I would like my fourth graders to create a multi - cultural vision of peace movie. We would like to collect movies from classrooms around the globe of their MESSAGE OF PEACE. The movies might include poetry, song, dance, or etc. The overall theme of the movie is "A Message of Peace" that answer what peace means to them. The requirement for the video:
Length "21 seconds or less"
Title: "A Message of Peace"
Upload: email your interest to me and I will follow up with instructions for uploading (We will be using Dropbox)
Due Date: Sept 16, 2011
Language: In your own language
Goal: 21 classroom representing all six continents

My students will mash all the videos together to create a international message of peace that will premier on Sept 21, 2011. Please forward on this email message to all your classrooms. Thanks for helping our classroom spread a message of peace.

-Garret Ferguson
Here are additional resources on International Peace Day:
Peace One Day Organization
Pinwheels for Peace:
TED talk on how international peace day was created:
Mr. Ferguson and The Super Fantastic 15
Lafayette Regional School - Franconia NH
Skype - lafayette41

I see that the Principal of Scottish High International School in India has just replied wishing to get involved. Why not also consider also giving it a try?


  1. What a great idea. Will pass this on - would love to be involved! :-)

  2. Dear Lisa, I am glad you like the idea - I also think it sounds like fun!