Sunday, 28 August 2011

When did you last use Skype in your classroom?

Skype is a programme that can connect teachers and pupils all over the globe FOR FREE – yet many schools are unaware of its amazing potential. All you need is a computer connected to the internet in the classroom! Want to know more?

How do you get started?

If you haven’t tried Skype before it is really worth giving it a try. Skype has recently started to make it a lot easier for teachers to find each other by creating a Skype in the classroom website. Now there is no excuse to start using Skype! Why don’t you take a look? Click on the picture below! It shows the latest educators to join the site.

10 way chat is a great new feature

Version 5 which came out last year brought out some fantastic new features the best of which has to be the 10 way video chat which is brilliant! I am not sure if this facility is free.

How can Skype for Educators help you?

The has a whole list of projects to get involved in:

How to find a project on Skype in the classroom from Skype in the classroom on Vimeo.

There is step by step instruction on how to get started and find like-minded teachers:

How to create a profile and find a teacher from Skype in the classroom on Vimeo.

There are many resources to explore:

How to find a resource on Skype in the classroom from Skype in the classroom on Vimeo.

Where else can you find classrooms to Skype with?
1. Edublogs gives a whole directory of teachers looking for Skype partners. They have even added the time zone of the teachers which is something that is important to note.

2. The Skype in schools wiki:

3. Around the world in 80 days Skype project: 

4. Want-ads - looking for educators to skype with:

What sort of things can you do with Skype in the classroom?

1. You can debate!

2. Here are 10 great ideas:

3. You can even give students skype jobs in the classroom!

4. What about inviting an author? Here is a post about the author and illustrator Mike Artell

5. This is another post about author and illustrator Jan and Phil Huling-

6. A post by Jack Kenny lists some of the ideas she has noticed:

7. This is a popular post showing 50 things you can do with Skype:

8. More ideas from Shelley Terrell:

Did you know that experts are willing to come into your classroom?

1. A list of experts willing to skype into your classroom:

2. Skype an author network:

Want a few tips before you start?

1. Watch a great video by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano’s Presentation ‘Around the World with Skype” to get you started

2. Skype tips:

3. How I taught skype to my class by Coolcat Teacher. Vicki has also added a detailed step-by-step video in her post.

4. Dummies guide to Skype:

Livebinders with Skype resources

A Livebinder is a great way to share a variety of resources on a topic. There are several good Skype livebinders to explore.

1. Making connections with Skype

2. Skype in the classroom

Recording your Skype sessions

Wikis with Skype resources

1. Technology 4 Kids Wiki: Skype Resources

2. Skype in School Wiki:

So then, why should you Skype?

Why not give it a go? Please comment and tell us of your Skype experiences. We would really love to know about them!

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