Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What sort of things would you like to learn?

submitted by Deb Avery
The ICT in the classroom conference is over, and for most of us, it’s back to school. There were so many good ideas, so many interesting tools, so many things we could use in the classroom – if we had time, if we knew how to use them better, if we were able to change the plans we have already made for the term, if we could persuade the school management to allow us to use social networking .... I’m sure you have a whole bunch of barriers of your own.

I find that my list of 50 things I learnt is well populated but I often don’t get to follow through on them because I need just a bit more motivation.

This is something the Premium Member plan hopes to address – providing some additional Professional Development so that members can see how others have used ICTs in their classrooms, learn the “how to” of some of the topics touched on, find a kindred spirit who can give advice, encouragement and maybe even another class to collaborate with, build a Personal Learning Network and take some of the impetus of the conference forward into the classroom.

But to make this work, we need to know what you want to learn – is it more about social networking tools, is it about collaboration, is it attending a course Schoolnet already offers, is it joining a community of practice?

We would like to offer webinars, provide some videos and resources, organise on-line discussion groups, maybe even have a full day on-line “un-conference” – but we need to know what your needs are. So this is a request – a one-line comment saying what YOU would like to have some PD on.

Please join in – it will be worthwhile.

PS What I really wish I had been able to learn at the conference - how to create my own 1 CLICK DIGITAL MASH UP so I could find all the things that come into my computer all in one place - that's what I'd like a webinar on!

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  1. I wasn't able to be at the conference but it sounds like it was a really great experience.

    I have come across so many Web2.0 tools in my cyber wanderings and I've tried a few - wiki, blog, wallwisher, Wordle and Voicethread and Skype. However I'd like to have the opportunity to "play" more in a real world situation before I go global.

    I was wondering if it would be possible for those of us who don't feel completely confident to make contact with another South African teacher and set up a mini project where we could try out the tools for collaboration on a small scale just to practice. I teach Grade 1, 2 and 3. What about a short report on Voicethread on "Weather" or "Playground games" just to test the tools.

    Perhaps we could set up a register of classes by phase/grade and volunteer to work together. It would help us all to build confidence.